About Scribe Clothing

My name is Al B. I’m an alcoholic and addict and these are my designs and my stories. I founded Scribe Clothing Company for three reasons. First and foremost, to pay forward what my sponsor instilled in me and that was to give hope to those suffering with addiction and mental illness.

Second, I don’t have all the answers as I once thought but I can provide helpful resources for getting sober and treating mental illness. I can’t tell you how to get sober or treat your mental illness because that your path is yours to follow but I can try to motivate you with inspirational recovery stories from my and others’ journeys.

Third, I’ve always been intrigued by what people choose for their tattoos and the stories behind them. My own tattoos remind me of people I love and they also remind me of my past and how I’ve changed which inspires me to be a better person.

Like the Scribes of biblical times, we are storytellers. The stories of our past and how we have changed can benefit others. That’s why at Scribe, all our tattoo-inspired designs have backstories about living a sober, spiritual and tattoo lifestyle.